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blog My name is Carolin Hauser.
I am 31 years old and originally from Germany.
I am a Mom and serial Womanpreneur.
My original training is in humanistic psychotherapy, alternative medicine and Waldorf early childhood education. I started my first business, decorating night clubs and retail stores for under 10 dollars an hour at the age of 18. Next, I worked 15 hour days in my own catering business just to pay expenses. It wasn’t long before I realized that working harder wouldn’t get me very far in life, financially speaking.

I  noticed that even though I did a better job then most of my competition, I worked many more hours and made much less money.

Why was that?

It was because I thought customers would only use my service if I gave them a deal. It never dawned on me that people were willing to pay a fair price for a job well done!

I thought I had to be cheaper than my competitors to get any business at all.

Why was that? Low self-esteem!

After the birth of my daughter in 2006, it became clear to me that I needed to find ways to leverage my time and to to increase my value to others. I wanted to be paid more for my time, and I wanted to create “passive income”, because I wanted to provide my daughter with the best life she could have.


This is Maja when she was just 4 days old

Since then I have been on a quest to find better ways to build my different businesses, and I have been fortunate to come across some wonderful mentors. As a result, I am much closer to achieving my dream of financial freedom.

I started devouring books on financial freedom like “ Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and the “Four Hour Work Week”.

After reading these and other books, the question that I was left with, was:

“I know I need to sell something, but what the heck should it be?”

I had noticed that all of these authors had one thing in common. They gave tremendous value to their audience and they knew how to market themselves.

Two things dawned on me. First, unless I was willing to be of service, and share my gifts and knowledge, I couldn’t expect to make money, because you have to give before you get. Second, unless I mastered marketing, it didn’t matter what I was selling, because nobody would find me.

So back to the question: “I know I need to sell something, but what the heck should it be?”

The answer that came to me was: “You need to sell yourself!”

So, first I figured out what my gifts and talents were. I sat down in a quiet moment when my daughter was sleeping and made a list of both.

After that, I looked for existing business models that best incorporated all my strengths and allowed me to create multiple income streams, both passive and active.

I knew that the Internet had to be in the mix, because all the trends that I researched indicated that huge growth was happening in that field. Also, as a mom, I could have my child screaming, my house messy, but my business would look clean and orderly to the virtual world. As an added bonus, the Internet never sleeps. It could work for me 24/7.
Now I was getting the leverage I was looking for.

I have come to believe that the Internet is the best thing that has happened to women. Ever!

For the first time it gave women the potential of success in business without having to abandon their families.

Back to my business as is is today. It’s a collage of several elements:

I am the author and founder of EmpoweredBusinessWoman.com, the site that you landed on today, and where I support women in their journey overcoming low self etseem and achieving financial success.

I am a Life & Business Coach and I love helping women in business to increase their self-worth and through that increase their net worth.

I am the leader of a growing Referral Marketing/Network Marketing team, my downline counts 700 members currently. This business provides me with my passive, residual  income.

My biggest job, though, is to raise my daughter into a self confident, trusting and
life-loving young woman. The best way to do this is to lead by example!majame

Maja and me at the Santa Barbara Rose Garden, 2009.

My husband Daniel, daughter Maja Rumi and I live and work from our California home by the sea. We love to travel, and having our own virtual businesses allows us to do that.

dsc_0900_2That’s us this January, visiting Berlin, Germany

And oh, I forgot to tell you that my dream of moving to a California beach town has already come true.

I am absolutely grateful for the fact that I have been able to connect to my life’s calling and to do the work I am doing.

If you’d like to pick my brains about life, love, business, natural health or parenting, I am here to share!

Thank you for giving me your precious time and allowing me to tell you a little bit about myself.

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