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Mastering Attraction Marketing,- the Inner and the Outer Aspects of it, will bring you long lasting Business Success.

Mastering Attraction Marketing,people running after you to buy your stuff, doesn’t happen overnight.

But it can happen  when you combine learning all the technical skill with a willingness and ability to grow and transform your self.

As you might have noticed, my tag line is, “Mastering the inner and the outer game of attraction marketing and business success.”

That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? And you are probably wondering what does all of this mean? What does the inner game mean? What does the outer game mean?  How are they different? And why are they both so important?

So first of all, let me explain what the outer aspects of attraction marketing are. You might already know this since you are not new to the internet world at all.

The outer aspects are simply all the different technical aspects of creating your marketing machine on the internet. They include learning

•    understanding what attraction marketing is and what it isn’t,
•    how to structure a blog,
•    how to do keyword research,
•    how to write a compelling article,
•    how to use YouTube,
•    online business optimization

….and much, much more.

I think that’s pretty clear to you.

Now the inner aspects of attraction marketing might be a bit more nebulous in your mind, so let me explain what they are.

The inner aspects have to do with you:
•    knowing who you are, overcoming low self esteem and being confident in yourself and your capabilities;
•    transforming all limiting beliefs and learning a whole new language of positivity
•    finding your niche and knowing exactly how to relate to your audience;
•    allowing your self to be seen, to be prosperous and successful.

Allowing your self to be seen and to be prosperous is the most difficult but also the most necessary step to mastering the inner aspects of attraction marketing and business success.
Technical skills can be learned by applying our brain, diligence, persistence and will. It might be overwhelming and tiring at first to learn all these new technical skills, but any one of us can master them if we have good teachers, good systems, and good models, and if we apply what we learn.

The inner aspects have a lot to do with personal development. Personal development cannot be taught, or learned per se. Transformation is something each of us has to do on our own; each of us has to figure it out.

We can read about it and get support from a coach or mentor. But we have to do the inner work; we have to have the courage and willingness. No one can teach us that no matter how hard they try.

So the difference between the inner and the outer aspects is that the outer aspects can be learned through acquiring knowledge, but the inner aspects can only be mastered by going though a transformational process.

Why is it important to differentiate the two?

It is important because in order to succeed, you must grow in two different areas.

After being involved in attraction marketing for almost two years now I can tell you that mastering the outer aspects is the easier part of the attracting-thousands-of-people-to-you equation.

The inner aspects are much more difficult, and this is also where most people get stuck and wonder why they are not seeing the results that had hoped for.

For me, things only started turning around when I began my own transformational journey.

There are many good programs that can teach you all of the outer technical aspects of attraction marketing. It’s just a matter of finding a modality and a program you like, and implementing all you learn.

To master the inner aspects of attraction marketing, I invite you to check out some of my own products that I created to help you transform yourself into the attractive, creative, abundant being that you truly are.