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funnel7 Secrets for online business optimization.

Tapping into the marketing funnels of other people helps you getting started online. But sooner or later, you need to create your own funnel, with your own products.

This may seem a daunting undertaking, but it is actually far more profitable than sending clients to someone else’s products, and it’s really not that difficult to set up. You just have to want to be successful!

Expert in online business optimization, Tania Williams just came out with a course that teaches you just  that.

Following is a summary of Tania’s 7 powerful secrets to establishing your own customized system, bringing customers and distributors directly to you in large numbers.

1. Understand what a marketing funnel is and how it works. Components of a marketing funnel include
• domain name
• lead capture page
• your offer
• auto-responders
• a blog.

Note that an important element of online marketing and online business optimization is offering something for free at the top of your funnel. Prospects may then be led through a series of steps, gradually progressing to the point where they become your regular (monthly) customers or distributors.

2. Learn how to differentiate yourself from others. Within your funnel, add your own story, your own unique journey, your own special hook. Provide value and education to your customers, without seeming to center everything around your product.

Tania tells the story of a friend who uses his own experience battling sinus problems as the basis for his content: all his posts and products are about sinus wellness. He is easy to spot as the expert for anyone with questions in that area.

Remember that your story will work best if you tell it in ways specifically designed for your target audience. Know the avatar of your customer!

3. Understand how the components of a marketing funnel work, and the order in which to implement them.
• First, find a keyword-rich domain name.
• Then, create a lead capture page with your free offer in exchange for email opt-in.
• Then use the art of email marketing, and create 10 auto-responders for opt-ins.
• And finally, set up a blog.

4. Understand how to build links and format your blog posts for maximum effect. Be sure to put an opt-in form ‘above the fold’ on your blog, and include a call to action at the end of every post.

5. Learn how to market your funnel effectively. Use articles, videos, social media marketing, and SEO. Specific instructions for each of these are included in the 8-week training.

6. Remember the teachings of traditional marketing methods, and continue to use them in conjunction with online attraction marketing. Tania’s 8-week training covers multiple ways to do offline marketing. In general, the idea is to send both online and offline contacts to your lead capture page and subsequent auto-responders, and then eventually re-connect offline, usually by phone.

7. Know the secrets of selling.
• Be a likeable character
• Use the leverage of reciprocity
• Up-sell (as opposed to the traditional method of recruit-recruit-recruit)
• Have endorsements for your product

• Over-deliver, meeting the customer’s expectations and more
• Continuously stay in touch with customers through auto-responders.

This may sound like a lot, but every detail is covered completely and made crystal clear in the 8-week course Tania Williams offers. You can sign up for sample videos from the series here.

Tania is an awesome trainer and coach (she actually used to train South Africa’s national gymnastics team, talk about coaching you to success)

Her program “How to put your mlm biz online” is the best program for funnel creation and online business optimization that I have come across.
It’s worth every cent!

To your Success!


P.S: Go try it out now, you can test it for two whole weeks before you have to make a final decision.

How to put your mlm biz online