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what is attraction marketingWhat is Attraction Marketing ?
As the name suggest Attraction Marketing uses Attraction as supposed to seductive sales psychology to pull costumers toward you and your business. To use Attraction Marketing one has to develop an attraction marketing system.
Marketing generally is seen as the art of persuasion. It’s a system through which a prospect is moved towards closing the sale.
The Problem with seductive sales psychology in marketing is that persuasion takes a lot of work and you have to be the one doing it.
It also is not a very enlightened way to deal with another human being when you are on a journey to playing it big (as in being your true self) and honest.
Manipulating somebody else is just not conducive to spiritual growth.
It doesn’t allow your costumer a lot of freedom and choice. It doesn’t make them want to hang out with you.

I first came across Attraction Marketing when I was researching the Internet searching for better ways to close a sale. When I learn more and more about it I knew I had found the solution to my marketing and sales problem.
While researching I asked my self what is Attraction Marketing and why does it work so well.
I will answer the question: What is Attraction Marketing? For you in just a minute, but first let me share one thing:
Everything Attraction Marketing taught just made so much more sense than the cold calling, pitching and plastering the coffee shops with business cards that I was used to. That’s why I decided to develop an attraction marketing system and why I recommend you do the same.

So What is Attraction Marketing?

To answer the question: What is Attraction Marketing? Let’s first look at how business is usually done. It starts with prospecting, cold calling or advertising to find leads (People who might maybe be interested in buying). Then you qualify those leads, usually based on people’s urgency to buy and their ability to pay for whatever you are selling. You do a well thought out presentation (which you can give in your sleep of course and which puts everybody who hears it to sleep as well) to demonstrate the superiority of the product or service you sell. To convince prospects to buy it, you work on overcoming their objections. You try to persuade them. (I am not saying that you do…but some of us do. I did)

Because prospects resist selling, salespeople are trained to be more persistent and to push harder. Sadly, the more you sell, the more people resist it…
In traditional sales it is all about the sales persons need (to sell) and not about what the costumer needs (what she/he really wants to buy) there are of course exceptions. (-:

Attraction Marketing puts the customer’s needs first.
An Attraction Marketer is somebody who is a Solutions Provider, a Consultant.

The fact is people like to buy!
Do you like to buy?

Even people, who hate to be sold, don’t mind buying. Actually, more and more people LIKE to buy if the SHOPPING experience is empowering them.

What is Attraction Marketing? It’s Marketing based on these principles:
That teaching sells, give and you shall receive.
That every person buys for his or her own reasons, we all want to be free.
That people buy when they trust, love is the answer.

The first step in the attraction process is that you give good and valuable information for free.
When you do that principle two and three are a given.

Let me give you an example:

Joe on the other end of the world (or in your neighborhood or town) is searching the Internet to buy some special coffee for a friend.
Joe is aware that his friend loves Italian coffee, but Joe has no idea how to find out which Italian coffees are really the best ones to buy.
While he is surfing the web he comes across this great website called AllAboutCoffee.com this site educates people on all the different kind of coffees there are in the world. The site talks about each coffees qualities and benefits.
The site also talks about, which person might like which kind of coffee.
It talks about how to brew a French roast versus an Italian espresso; it talks about the according coffees history and culture.
Joe feels like he is smelling the coffee right in front of his computer, he feels like all his questions are being answers, he feels taken care of and understood. Joe is very happy because now he can make an educated choice and get his friend the perfect gift instead of just guessing. He is getting exactly what he wanted.
When it is time to buy, who do you think Joe is going to go to?
Will Joe go to XYZ coffee.com or AllAboutCoffee.com?

AllAboutCoffee.com gave away tons of free information. It educated Joe which enabled him to make informed choices.

Did the above example help you get a clear picture of Attraction Marketing in action?

Let me show you now, how you can use Attraction Marketing to attract business to you.

You do the exact same thing that AllAboutCoffe.com did.
First you get to know your target market very well.
You will find out what problems they face and which solutions they are searching for.
Then you provide them with help and education.

The great thing is by going through the PB Boot Camp you acquired the right mindset to do this.
Most people struggle with that the most.
They get all the technical aspects of it right but fail to give value and to let their light shine.

There are plenty of people out here who want and need what you have to offer.

So let your light shine and share your knowledge with the world.

To learn the technical aspects of Attraction Marketing check out this free training.
It’s the place where I got started. It’s geared towards Network Marketers, so don’t be surprised but it applies to any business. ( It really is the only click- by- click internet training out there at the moment, and click- by- click is what you want)

Now that you know how to attract costumers to you in droves
There is only one last thing to do: Celebrate your Success!

That’s it from me for now.

I am here to serve you, so let me know when you need help.

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