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How to Manifest Money

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manifestingmoneyHow to Manifest Money has everything to do with overcoming low self esteem and making space  for it.

Yesterday as I was lying down, putting my daughter to bed, I started thinking about the times when I didn’t have her (when I had not yet manifested her).

Not too long ago I was single, feeling very lonely and pretty desperate. I really wanted to get married and I really wanted to have a child.

The reason why I am telling you this today is that back then I felt pretty hopeless and had thoughts like, I think this is never going to happen for me. And I have a feeling that there are many of you out there running your own business, following your dream, and feeling like you are never going to get there.

Today I am happily married and have my child.

So the lesson learned is when things feel like they are never going to happen (whether it be manifesting money, a partner or perfect health) when the one thing you desire most seems to flee further and further away from you, that is actually the point where you are really close to manifesting and getting it.

It’s like in birth.  The moment we are ready to give up, when it feels like you just can’t take it any more, the child is born.

In birth there is no going back, but in business there is.

I am writing this article today to prevent you from giving up on your dream, because you might just be at that point where you feel absolutely stuck financially or emotionally and you just can’t take it any longer. You are at the point where you feel like: How will I ever know how to manifest money? Will I ever get the secret? But you are actually really close to getting all the success you want.

What did I do to turn things around and to manifest my daughter?

That was the question I asked myself yesterday, lying there in bed looking at my sleeping daughter. How did I do this? It seemed so impossible.

And I actually remember very well what I did. I worked through a book called Calling in the One, by Catherine Woodward Thomas. It is a self help manifest-your- soulmate workbook kind of book, with lots of exercises to go through – seven weeks worth, to be exact.

One of the exercises suggested that in order for a partner to appear in our life we actually need to make space for him or her. I looked at my calendar and to my surprise not a single moment was in there that wasn’t booked. How could anyone fit in my busy life?

The woman was right.

So what I did was I booked time for nothing, time to just create space for someone special in my life – and it worked.

So now the question becomes, can you do the same exercise just for your business, is this how you can manifest money?

How do you not have space for business success or financial abundance in your life?
Any ideas?

As I thought about this myself yesterday, it dawned on me that our old habits and thought patterns are not making room for new ones, they are not letting us manifest money or business success, which in turn doesn’t allow new financial success realities to be created.

Also overcoming low self esteem plays a big part in it.

When you are contemplating something, it often shows up magnified in your life. I found this very helpful article by two women who work with applying the course in miracles to finances.

What they share kind of confirms my theory about making space for the money. I think you will enjoy reading it. You can find their article on how to manifest money here.

I have also written articles on overcoming low self esteem, in these articles I share the exact steps I went through to get from a dark place to a much lighter one.

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