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Coaching can be  very effective in shortening your transformation curve. Sometimes you are stuck and the methods you are using are completely ineffective and wasting your efforts, time and money – and you are gaining nothing but frustration.
Overcoming low self esteem, gaining confidence, having a clear direction and increasing your bottom line seem out of reach to you.

Other times you may have the fundamental skills and have a good approach in your business but you are just not getting the result you desire. Sometime just a little guidance in “tweaking” what you are doing, and how you are doing it can make all the difference.

I have seen people who I have worked with call me excitedly a day or two after a coaching session . They tell me that they have gone through a profound transformation and are now getting results.

If you feel you are committed to success and would like to request coaching with me, please complete the contact form below.

After completing the form, you will receive an email to schedule a complimentary consultation to evaluate whether we feel coaching will be of benefit to you and if we are a perfect fit. Your commitment level, will determine whether I will be able schedule coaching time with you.

Coaching spaces are 50.00 per hour, and are available on a first come basis.
I do offer a discounted rate for coaching students who enroll for one or more months of coaching.

Discounted Coaching Price Schedule for one or more months enrollment
1 hour coaching sessions
weekly coaching $ 180 /month ($45/session)
bi-monthly coaching $ 85 /month ($47.50/session)

30 minute coaching sessions
weekly coaching $100 /month ($25/session)
bi-monthly coaching $55 /month (27.50/session)

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