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How to easily and fast put a Sitemap on to your WordPress Blog.

ddsitemap1Quick note for those of you who are new to blogging a sitemap is a map of your blog.
It’s like the Contents page of a book.

( See image to the left)
To put all the links to all the posts and page of your blog manually on to one page would be quite a lot of work.
Luckily Dagon Design has created a plug in ( an add on) for worpress blogs that once installed does this automatically for you.

Installing and configuring this plug is is fairly simple:

1. Go to the plugins section on your dashboard
2. Go to add new
3. Type Dagon Design Sitemap Generator into the searchbox
4. Then chose the DDSitemapGen click install and activate.
5. Now under settings on your dashboard you will find DDsitemapgen amongst all your other plugins.
6. Click on DDSitemapGen to configure.
7. All you have to to is enter Sitemap in the field where it asks you for the site map page slug.

8. Next you need to create a new page

9. Title the page Sitemap with capital S
10. Choose the HTML editor mode

11. Copy this piece of code:ddsitemapgen1

in the body of the page.

Save the page and you are done!

Wasn’t that nice and simple?
You had to work only this one time and from now on this plug in does it for you.

This is why I love wordpress.

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  • Is it possible to make a sitemap on your own without the aid of a sitemap generator. Of course, it is possible. Before the creation of the various sitemap generators, web designers make sitemaps on their own. But this process is quite long and tedious, not to mention fraught with errors.

  • Browndoll

    Oh, a million thanks! I have this plugin installed for months but could not use it. NOw I know I have to put in the CODE. DD webpage and the plugin itself didnt tell me to do that. :) 

  • mak@careerinjava.com

    Thank you very much, doc on plugin page was little confusing,  it worked for me, some observations
    1. your page name should be the same as the slugname you added in the plugin settings section with matching case.
    2. always remember to update the permalinks after adding the page and slugname


  • Mark

    Did as you suggested viewed the page and all that was viewable was the code not sure what happened.

  • carolinhauser

    Hi Mark, did you have the editor in html mode when you put the code on the page?

  • I got it. The picture up top with the html code looks incorrect. With the one you show there appears to be no space between the - and !

    -! should have no spaces. Hope that makes since. :)

  • Hmm... It didn't work for me. I wonder what the problem is. Thanks for the tips though.

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