Niche finding. How Low Self Esteem is preventing You from getting it Righ

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niche-findingOften times when we start in a business we think all it takes is having a great product or service and it will sell itself.

If you are in network marketing that’s what the people upstairs told you, and that’s why you got into the business in the first place.

There are products and services that seemingly fly of the shelf, but in reality the people who own these businesses have done their home work.

They know what they have got and they know who to market it to.

Having a great product or service is just one part of the successful sales and marketing equation.

The successful sales and marketing equation consists of three parts.

Having a great product.

Having a niche to market it to

and most importantly knowing who you are.

In this article we will look at each of theses three components and how low self esteem is effecting them.

By reading this  article  we will  take the mystery out of niche finding and  you will  get clear on how to find yours.

So to begin with lets look at part one of the successful sales and marketing equation.

Having a great product or service.

Having a great product or service is pretty self explanatory, because usually the way we find our products is by trying them out and falling in love with them.

It’s like finding the one  and falling in love with him. You just know it’s the right one.

My opinion is that a great product or service is the one you love.

( Interesting though is that when we fall in love with the real one we don’t want anybody else to fall in love with him)

Weird logic that we think just because we love something so much everybody else will and it will sell itself.

Self esteem doesn’t get much in the way with  part one though.

Now lets look at part two of  the successful sales and marketing equation:

Having a niche to market to.

Here is where things are starting to get tricky I will tell you why in just a minute.

Finding your niche is a two step process.

The first step is doing market research the second step is evaluating the data and choosing a target market.

First let’s clarify what a niche and a target market is so we are on the same page.

A niche is subcategory of a market. A market is an overall industry.

Let me give you a clear example.

Let’s say the product you fell in love with is a skin care line. The Market you are then in is the Beauty Industry.

The Beauty industry has several sub categories  like skin care, hair care nail care and even pedi-care( or was it pedicure?).

You can break it down even further, skin care for teens, for moms for men for dogs etc.

The breaking it down even further has to do with step two of finding your niche your  determining your target market.

Your Target Market is the group that is the most interested in your product or service.

So in your example it might be women age 35 and up, mature women ( because the younger one’s don’t have wrinkles yet), women who are sophisticated and have money to spend on beauty.

So again step one in finding your niche is researching your industry and step two is finding your hot target market.

Sounds pretty straight forward, and it’s probably not obvious to you yet how low self esteem comes into play and messes things up.

Therefor lets start with market research and you will see what happens.

In Market research we are looking for supply and demand.

We are looking at who is buying, how are they buying and how many are buying.

We are also looking at who is offering, how many are offering and how are they offering it.

We want our results to show a high demand ( lots of people wanting your skin care) and a low supply ( not very many people selling it).

Here is  where low self esteem is starting to play tricks on you.

I will show you how so:

Imagine just for a moment, your self esteem is very low, the skin care products you just bought ( and you now have a garage full of) you bought in the hope of finally making it and getting from the low zone to the higher regions.

You now do your market research and you find out that tons of other people are selling the same exact thing and not enough people are looking for it.

Looking at your findings you start to  feel pretty  desperate and upset which is pretty predictable. ( and understandable)

You just invested all your savings in the skin care.

These results can’t be right!!!! (Because if they are it means you were wrong)

What happens now is , you start  seeing  your search results through a filter which is called denial ( not a river in Africa)

Who after all will buy your stuff?

Now I said before that there are three parts to the  successful sales and marketing equation and that’s a very good thing because part three will save you from falling apart if your market research doesn’t turn out they way you wanted it.

Part three will save you even if you found out that your product is something nobody wants, or to many are selling.

Part three of the  successful sales and marketing equation is the most important Part.

If you get this one right you can sell any product to any target market.

It’s overcoming low self esteem and knowing who YOU are.

Yes having a great product to sell is important and Yes finding a hot target market is important, but unless you put yourself in the equation your not in busienss.

I am going to be real honest here with you and I am not sugar coding anything ( because I really want to help you!)

Stay with me here this is some deep stuff  that if you get it will solve most of your marketing problems.

Knowing who YOU are what does that mean?

It means that you realize your power and your strengths. It also means that you know which gifts and talents you brought to the earth. It means that you know realize that you have gifts and talents and that they only can be gifts if you share them!

The naked truth is In order to know who you are you will have to GET OVER YOURSELF!

Let me explain what I mean by that:

Do you think people are attracted to you when you in low self esteem land?

I mean common it’s even hard for people who love you to be around you in those moments.

As long as you sing the song of woewess me : everybody else is an expert, but I know nothing!

Poor me,poor me look at me I am just a worthless thing…..

( How long have you been living by now? And you really want to tell me with a straight face that there is nothing you have learned and that you can teach somebody? That’s a flat out lie!)

As long as you are in self pity land you are withholding your gifts from the world and nobody can notice you.

It’s really that simple.

So this is why part three of the  successful sales and marketing equation is the most important Part.

It is totally in your hands.

Be generous, share your knowledge and they will come in droves.

As soon as you start focusing on how you can help other people, people will start feeling attracted to you.

People will start buying from you because you have given to them and they therefor trust you.

People only want to buy from people they trust.

Here are some practical steps how you can go about this:

Start going to forums that are related to your intrests.

Look for questions which you can answer. Be your self.

Grow more and more into this new role of being a servant to people who love your advice, who seek your advice.

In the process your confidence will grow and doors will open.

If you go about niche finding in this way, your niche will soon find you.

Get out of your head and get into action.

Read more overcoming low self articles and get the support you need.

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