Overcoming Low Self Esteem

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self-esteem-quotesIt wasn’t too long ago that I was thinking I wasn’t able to make money at all.
Overcoming low self esteem is an issue that has been my companion since I can remember.
I felt unable to make money and had very low confidence in my business skills and myself.
As long as I was taken care of by my parents, it didn’t become apparent how much my low self esteem influenced my ability to provide for myself. But as soon as I was out of the house and wanting to life my life independently, I just didn’t seem to be able handle it.

It’s not that I wasn’t working, but when I was working I did it for $7 an hour.
It didn’t matter whether I was working in a job or in my own business, I just didn’t make enough.
I worked day and night shifts, and jobs that often entailed hard physical labor.
I was exhausted and tired, but overcoming low self esteem seemed out of reach for me.

I began overcoming low self esteem when my daughter was born. My transformation literally started with the birth of my daughter.
I just couldn’t put enough time in to make any money. I was absolutely clear that I didn’t want to spend more than 15 hours a week away from my daughter, if that much. So the only other option that I had left was to increase my hourly income dramatically.
I basically didn’t have a choice: I either worked on overcoming low self esteem now or I wouldn’t be able to be with my daughter. The decision was easy for me. It came from my heart.

In this article you will gain clarity about why overcoming low self esteem will be the most save investment you will ever make in your business. You will also find out why you are not making the kind of money you would like to be making. You will find out that Freedom is not determined by your bank account. You will see that overcoming low self esteem is within your reach.

There is a transformation that you will have to go through.

You will have to empower your self, and accomplish your goal of overcoming low self esteem. When you do, you become more attractive to your clients and to money. I will give you a clear picture of the steps entailed, so you too can be prosperous and free.

Do you ask yourself: “why in the world am I not making enough money? Do I not have enough clients? Do I sell my stuff too cheap?”

Here is the answer to your question: Your thought process allows you to believe you are not enough, something is wrong with you or you don’t deserve it because you are a bad person. These thoughts are called negative beliefs.
Overcoming low self esteem has a lot to do with letting go of those hindering beliefs.
Of course you are not thinking these negative beliefs consciously. If that were the case it would make your life and financial situation much easier to change.
You are engaging these negative beliefs subconsciously.

And because the nature of our subconscious is that we aren’t aware of what’s going on in it, it’s a pretty tricky thing to change.

Unwillingly, these negative beliefs are the filter through which we see the world.
We interpret all our experiences through these negative filters.
Because negative beliefs influence conscious experience, we experience negativity, and then think that life is negative.”

It’s a vicious cycle.
This cycle creates a consciousness of lack within us.
We constantly, think, feel and experience that there is just not enough.
There is not enough time, not enough love, not enough support, or not enough money.
It is this lack of consciousness that doesn’t allow you to have all you want to have.
It’s like being held captive in your own prison.

Most of us think that if we just had enough time, if we just had enough money and so on, we could do all the things we want to do. We could get what we want and we would finally be happy.
We could finally be who we are meant to be.
We could be free.

Well what about those negative beliefs lingering in our subconscious?
I am telling you from experience that as long as the negative beliefs are there you will never get out of the prison.

As I said earlier in this article we aren’t aware of these negative beliefs. Now the question is: what the heck can we do to get rid of them?

And the answer is nothing!!!

There is nothing we can do to get rid of them. But there is something else we can do.
We can replace these negative beliefs with positive ones.
This puts the power back in to your hand.
This is the fuel, which will make your transformation happen.

Let me give you an example from my own life:

I consciously observed that I wasn’t making enough money, because I just wasn’t making any.
From this conscious observation I came to the conclusion that I must have been holding a negative belief around me and my ability to make money.
So I assumed that I was subconsciously thinking I just couldn’t make money.
I turned that assumption into a positive one such as:” I am able to make money.”
I just kept repeating this to myself until I saw signs in my life that confirmed this new belief.

What this means for you is that you can look at your life and observe areas where you don’t have enough and assume that you are holding a negative belief around these areas.
Then come up with just the opposite and repeat it to yourself as often as you think of it.
At first it feels like you are lying to yourself, but you are actually lying to yourself when you are thinking negative beliefs. They just feel so familiar that we think they are true.
It’s truly like working out.
The more you do it the easier it gets.
So keep on exercising your new muscle.

You know when you will have transformed a negative belief  when you see a positive change happening in your life.

When you take these steps you will be able to create freedom and prosperity.
You will be empowered because you have the tools to transform your life. You will also find that overcoming low self esteem is a not an issue for you because your consciousness is one of abundance and not one of lack anymore.
You will not only feel that you have enough, but you will also feel that you are enough.
You are enough, just the way you are!
Freedom then takes on an entirely different dimension.
It means that you are able to choose.
You are able to choose how you want to live your life.
By being empowered and free you will market your business differently, you will see opportunities differently, you will be able to give more, because you have enough, all these factors and more will then result in your financial success.

If you’d like to get more help and support in transforming your negative beliefs into positives ones I invite you to sign up for my Playing it Big Boot Camp a free 14 day course.

In this course I will walk you through the same exercises that have helped me to transform my low self esteem into self  confidence and love and to create abundance in my life.

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  • Most people face difficulties in overcoming low self esteem. Though many desired to endure the process that would help them improve their sense of self worth, only few of them succeeded in doing so. This process works gradually and requires a lot of practice, patience and determination. And enduring this might be tricky and perplexing. Because the more you struggle to fight against low self-esteem, the arduous it will be for you to get rid of your old self-provoking thoughts

  • It shows that the deepest wisdom comes from personal experience, and I want to say thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    As you can imagine, I place a high priority on a high sense of self-esteem too (obviously, since I run a website on that topic). Your article has added another rich perspective to how I look at self-esteem. Thanks again!
    Self Esteem Affirmations

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  • This is a great article, Carolin!

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