Overcoming Obstacles: What to do when your partner isn’t supporting you in your business

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overcoming-obstacles1There are many obstacles to be overcome when you start your own business, and one of the toughest is overcoming a lack of support by your partner.

One client described her husband’s disapproval recently. He didn’t like her internet marketing business and the products she sold, and he let her know his thoughts in no uncertain terms. This seemed to make my client’s work impossible to do.

In the old, traditional way of marketing, the solution to her problem would have been to force her partner to listen to accounts by the most fabulously successful super marketers, to convince him that the profession is worthy of respect.

In attraction marketing, though, her approach can be quite different. With this new method, my client can work on her inner realities as a way to affect the world surrounding her.

I strongly believe that our inner life, the way we think and perceive things, has everything to do with the outer world around us.

I asked my client, does this feeling of not being supported remind you of other times in your life? She actually had a long history of others discouraging her initiatives, going all the way back to childhood. So she had come to believe that her own needs weren’t valid or to be taken seriously.

This conditioning made it very difficult to find success in business. It simply wasn’t true that her needs were not important, but she had that negative belief and low self esteem deep inside.

Wherever you feel restricted – whether it’s in terms of time, money, or the support of loved ones – take a look at the issue from the basis of your beliefs about it. Are you restricting yourself through negative thinking? Is the feeling of lack and low self esteem a familiar one to you? Can you trace it back to previous events in your life, and did you unconsciously form negative beliefs that are now working against you?

When you use attraction marketing, you become a public figure and your success is determined by your ability to deal with overcoming low self etseem, your ability to be positive, your inner strength, and self-validation.

My client finally understood that her partner’s lack of support could be changed by her own inner work, by refusing to accept the negative beliefs she’d adopted over the years.

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