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Today on the open coaching call I got asked from Lottie Jenvey  (85 year old Internet Marketer!) how she can put more then one picture in a squidoo text modul.  Here is how you can do it:

First you have to host your pictures somewhere online simplest and easiest way is to do it through flickr.

Next step is to open squidoo go to your lens and the text modul you want to put pictures in.

The HTML code to put a picture where ever you want in your text is:

<img src=”url of the image you want to display”/>

Now if you want the picture placed at the right margin you use:
<img src=”url of the image you want to display” align=”right”/>

To align it left:

<img src=”url of the image you want to display” align=”left”/>

To align it center:

<img src=”url of the image you want to display” align=”center”/>

You can also re-size your pictures by telling the code the dimensions you want for example:

<img src=”url of the image you want to display” height=”150px” width=”500px”/

To find more details you can also read this squidoo article on put images on squidoo

To listen to a recording of the open coaching call from 7/22/2009 go here.

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  • Thank you for the help and the link to the other article. I was struggling with some squidoo images and needed your advice.

  • Thanks Carolin, this is a very helpful post on adding pictures to squidoo. After the call I went to get the free html editor for those who want to utilize html. The free editor let's you type your content and pictures. Then will create the code for you, it's located at http://www.free-online-html... for those interested. By the way I'm looking forward to our next call.

    Catch you later!



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