Great Self Esteem Exercises: Accomplishing Goals and Deadlines

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In this article you will find self esteem exercises that will help you meet your goals.
These exercises will help you in overcoming low self esteem.

Often in business and in life we promise ourselves we will do things, accomplish tasks and cross out every item on our to-do list. We have the best intention to really get things done this time; but as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We come up with timelines and deadlines, but all we accomplish is yet another hit to our already-fragile self esteem.
(Self esteem exercises to decrease self esteem are no good)

Why do we put ourselves into a position where we can’t win? Why do we do these things that only make us feel worse about ourselves?

It’s a vicious cycle that you will understand in just a bit.
The self esteem exercises you will learn about in this article will help you break out of it.

The cycle starts with us feeling bad about not accomplishing something. Like, for example, not keeping our books.

We realize that the reason why we feel bad is because we know we need to be doing the books in order to keep our business running.
(Very mundane things can be great self esteem exercises)

So you commit whole heartedly to doing the books by the end of the week. The week starts and things come up: the bathroom drain clogs, the dog throws up all over the carpet, the baby teethes, and on and on. All of a sudden it’s Friday and you ask yourself: How did this happen?

You are completely exhausted and really need a few hours of just sitting in front of the TV, not thinking, not doing anything, just relaxing. You still have until midnight to take care of these darn books.

Then what happens? You fall asleep.

Is it your fault? No of course not, you were just completely exhausted. Otherwise you would have never fallen asleep, obviously. So you give your self a break.

But then … the books.

Shit, you didn’t do them.

You didn’t keep your own promise, and as with anybody else, if somebody doesn’t keep their promise we feel disappointed and start getting mad at the bad guy who failed on us again.

Problem is, this time it is us. We get mad at ourselves. Do you remember how you felt when your parents got mad at you when you were little? It still feels the same.

Now how can we break this cycle?

The obvious solution would be to not promise ourselves anything, kind of like when Mom said, I am not going to promise you that we will go to the fair later because I don’t want you to get all excited and then be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

But to be honest, I always hated that kind of logic.

So what’s a better way of accomplishing both getting our goals met and feeling better about ourselves?

Here is what I suggest you do (these are the self esteem exercises).

Look at your to-do list and look at the things you keep dragging from one list to the next to the next, the things that are already gathering dust. Get them out of their closet and ask yourself why is it that I don’t seem to be able to this thing? What is holding me back? Do I need more information, another skill, or somebody else to do it? Is it something that really isn’t all that important and I can let go of it completely?

If you find out that it is something you can do you but just haven’t had the time for it, put it on a list. You put all the things you can’t let go and that you can do yourself on that list. Next you prioritize your list.

Now the next step is key! Every evening before you go to bed, sit down at your desk in the quiet and peaceful house and pick the two most important things that need to get done.

Write them on an extra piece of paper really big so you can’t miss it when you get up.

Commit to doing those two things no matter what. I promise you it works! It works because you defined two things that are the most important. They are things you can do, two things anybody – even a mom with newborn twins and a 90 year old grandmother in care – could do.

Two things is a list that feels really realistic to us. When you start accomplishing your two things daily, you feel a sense of accomplishment and relief, because you are actually keeping your promises.

This sense of accomplishment will boost your self esteem and give you energy that you didn’t have before.

If you feel like you need a little extra help, an accountability buddy is super helpful.
You check in daily with your accountability buddy about your two things. My accountability buddies are some of the most valuable assets my business has. (Being held accountable by a loving partner is one of the best self esteem exercises)

If you don’t know where to find such a partner, but would love to have one, come check out my free weekly accountability calls and join the Empowered Business Women group.

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Find more self esteem exercises and articles on overcoming low self esteem.

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  • This is important guidance for anyone who wants to feel better about their life and their situation. Too many people affirm the negatives like "I'm broke" and it remains true for them. Thanks for sharing this article and I'm glad to say this phrase: "Everyday in every way I'm getting better and better". Self Esteem Affirmations

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