The Presence Project -Post 2

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Just a short update, as you might have noticed my first Presence Project post is almost three weeks old.

Why have I not been writing?

Well there are several reasons.

The first one is, that when I started this project I had been 9/10 through the Presence Process book.

I decided it would be more beneficial for you and me to start writing about my process with it when I start the next round from the beginning. (This will be in two weeks).

The other reason is that I haven been working busily on getting my very own first Product out.

It’s called Attraction Marketers Akademie. The Akademie teaches people in Germany attraction marketing.

We are launching this week.

(If ou know any Germans that want to go online send them to us! )

So keep checking back!

Ciao for now!


P.S. I will start blogging about the my Presence Process on a daily basis as soon as I start over. This is my public commitment to it!

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